There is no unfortunate story to share that other full figured brides have faced (e.g. going into a store and not being able to fit into dresses, or having a very limited selection to choose from). However, I know first hand the struggle of being a plus size woman when it comes to everyday apparel shopping and formal wear is almost impossible to find locally.  Ordering online does not give you the same experience, especially when shopping for such an important day.  Little girls dream of this day not realizing the challenges that lie ahead.  I want to help make this day as magical as possible.  

I have been interested in the bridal industry for years. It is my goal to be able to cater to brides who are full figured and give them the experience they too deserve. With that being said, Unapologetically Curvy Bridals (Louisiana's first plus size bridal boutique) was brought to fruition and will be opening up on March 17, 2018.

The Passion Behind Unapologetically Curvy Bridals!